Gym Waist Trainer

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Gym Waist Trainer

Slaying weights at gym with this new fitness armor. It helps support your back and relief pressure while you are building THat booty. Sweat more around your waistline when you are on your cardio mode. 

  • 4 cartilages support, correct posture, keep your spine aligned and upright
  • High-elasticity, better to support waist, double compressing
  • 3D mesh structure, soft and elastic, comfortable and breathable


Size Waistline Width Length
S  64cm - 73cm 90cm
M 74cm - 84cm 100cm
L 85cm - 94cm 110cm


 ✴️ Recommended to wear 1-2 hours during exercise/cardio/workout , NOT more than 3 hours.

 ✴️ Do NOT recommend for power lifting/ heavy strength training.