How we support you with daily workout

We believe in individuality, empowerment and affordability, curating unique collections at the right price points that help you with daily workout and fitness exercise.

                         Set your own trends

You were born unique, and your style should be too. As everybody's workout and fitness goal is divergent, we’ve got your back with one-of-a-kind pieces that bring out your individuality, personality and style. Go ahead: be yourself, and set your own trends.

                    Be your own personal stylist

1VE FIT is the definitive place to learn how to style, layer, mix and match accessories for fitness. We want you to face everyday with confidence and the creativity and know-how to own your style. 

                          Bedeck yourself in baubles

With affordable prices, you can afford to experiment with trends, play with your look and redefine your style. Gone are the days of investment pieces; statement accessory has never been more accessible or affordable, so you can have it all.