The RAW Truth of Waist Trainer

Waist Training has been a controversy for years. Let’s break it down into why some people are very against it, how it actually works, and if there is any effects on weight loss.


Anti-Waist Training

Since waist trainer act as a corset squeezing a women’s outside, many people are very concern about the pressure of a corset gives on the internal organs. They are afraid that it would put them to health risks. However, waist trainer should never been wore on 24/7 7 days a week at the first place. It suggests not to be wore more than three hours perday, and you don't have to wear that everyday. Waist training likely isn’t harmful in the short-term. For people who wear it overnight is unnecessary as sleeping should be your body recovery time.


How it Works

A short period of time, such as walking, cardio, weight training, could be a better timeframe to wear waist trainer. Please bear in mind. It provides a temporarily improvement in posture and back pain relieve because the core muscles are being tightly supported. The core support is mainly why many bikini body builders would wear waist trainer during workout. In the perspective of bodybuilding, it is all about the outlook and physique. For not blowing up your waistline, training core may not be the answer. Waist trainer would be a great support for core and avoid bigger guts developed during heavy weight lifting. Some of the competitors would stop training abs to aim for a small waist. Nevertheless, a strong core is always important, because it is part of your body’s foundation. A lot of your strength comes from your core; adequate amount of abs exercises should still be a part of your training plan.


Effect on Weight Loss

There is a misleading concept is that if the weight training compresses the stomach, so you may eat less, and this is how you lose weight. Back to the basic., eating less is potentially leading you to a cardio deficit. And being in a cardio deficit is the basic formulation for weight loss. Waisttrainer does not magically makes you lose weight. The best and sustainable weight lose is nutritional diet and exercise. Another question brings up is that waist trainer makes you sweat more in the mid-section, which can makes you lose belly fat. Again, bring it back to the basic concept, sweating more does not mean you are losing more weight. You cannot target spot lose fat. You have to decrease your whole body fat % in order to achieve fat loss overall. And genetics place a big role into which area a person store more fats at. Sweating more on waist only helps visually reduction in waistline. If you eat at a cardio surplus without any proper workout exercises, you may still gain weight while waist training.

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