Body-Image VS Self-Love: Does your body size define you in fitness ?

Body-Image VS Self-Love: Does your body size define you in fitness ?

When it comes to fitness, the image first came into people’s mind would be slim girls with toned abs, thin legs, and tiny body. If you are “bigger” than n “normal” sized girl, you would be clarified to “unfit” for fitness. However, does our scale numbers is the only criteria to our fitness score?


Why do we need to be certain weight to be qualified as“FIT”? 

You know you always secretly look at other girls in the locker room comparing yourself to them.  The first intention of going to the gym should be YOUR health, YOUR goals, but not to compete with others. No matter you are a size 2 or size 12, there is no rules saying that you cannot post your workout video on Instagram account or being a fitness influencer. Fitness clothing or products are now not only exclusive to smaller sized girls.


Can we eat food not diet and still love working out at the same time?

Different people have different fitness goals. Not everyone wants to lose weight when they start lifting weights. It can be a stress relieve channel. It can be a anti-depression tool.  If you want a donut before workout, eat that donut! As long as it does not fatally affect your health, so why not!?Sweat it out baby!


Remember. Not every girl’s fitness goal is to lose weight. It can be getting stronger; it can be getting healthier; Aim for whatever makes you happy.

Be your authentic self, be comfortable of who you are, love your whole body no matter which stage or size you are at through out the process.


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