YOU are the BEST out of the BEST athletes and competitors!

We are very excited to collaborate with you together!

Welcome to the Team @1vefitnessentials!

🌟We are providing sponsorship for our selected athletes and competitors💕


  • Receive our selected latest collections (sponsored)
  • Discounted codes for your followers and your own
  • Photo shoot opportunities for promotions (paid)
  • Earn commission for your sales
  • Join us as a team and supporting community

Please Contact Us if you are interested in our athletes sponsorship.

Sponsored Athletes:

  • Tag us in your story once you have received our promotional product and you will receive the discount code to share with your followers.
  • Post a Video or Photo of you wearing product and tag us @1vefitnessentials to receive your own discount code.  Please deliver at least one high quality post every month if you wish to continue to represent us as a sponsored athlete.
  • Complete the tasks noted above within one week, post our link @1vefitnesssntials on your profile to confirm your commitment:)
  • Be passionate about our message and empower others to realize their full potential.
  • Have a positive, motivated, and balanced mindset. Share encouragement and support other sponsored atheletes who we will help you connect with.
  • Provide feedback on your promotional items so we can constantly improve to provide the best quality products to our community.


We look forward to seeing your impact on making a difference!

One Love,

1VEFIT team